Our Story

Rosaries on Mission was founded by Andy Nguyen, inspired by his grandparents, in 2022.

Having faced many health challenges in his early childhood, Andy now lives with cerebral palsy, autism, and vision impairment. Faith and family have pulled him through each and every challenge. 

In honour of the family's answered prayers to Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to protect and give strength to Andy during his struggles, Andy has founded Rosaries on Mission to spread love, hope and prayer around the world. 

When you make a purchase through Rosaries on Mission, you also support:

  • Andy's charitable endeavours to help those in need living in Vietnam including but not limited to supporting orphans through Mái Ấm Thiên Ân Pleichuet. 
  • Andy's goal of travelling to America to visit the memorial of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and to one day meet Ms. Abby Johnson so that she can help Andy get involved in the program 'Protecting the Lives of Unborn Babies'
  • Disability employment - giving Andy the opportunity to shine bright, and to give others the opportunity to shine bright.  

    Thank you for your support.